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Virtual Art Sessions


Virtual Art Sessions is an experiment in virtual reality painting with Tilt Brush. The project partnered with six world-renowned artists bringing them a new way to paint, draw and sculpt.

We recorded their sessions and made them accessible online, letting viewers observe the artists from any angle as they develop their virtual reality creations. This includes point cloud data of the artist’s physical form, 3D geometry data of the artwork, and position data of the VR controllers. No apps or plug-ins needed.

A WebVR version of the site allows you to walk around the artist as they create their work, or shrink them to a miniature scale for an overview of their process.

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case study

Concept, custom capture tools, and 3d playback: Google Data Arts Team
Site build: Potato
Volumetric video capture: RGBDToolkit
BTS Video: Grainey Pictures