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The Motion Project

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This project combined the collective talents of musicians, dancers, programmers, designers and animators to create an amazing visual instrument.

Music is created by the performer's motion as captured by a pair of XBox Kinects and processed by custom software written in Processing and openFrameworks.

The climax of the project was a performance in downtown Auckland, with speaker stacks blaring and a set of giant projectors shooting visuals at a 30 metre by 12 metre wall in front of the motion artist. Three different film crews were there shooting the event for a TV commercial, a music video, and a live TV feed.

I've written up a post about how the instrument works and another about how the visuals work

Directors: Jonny Kofoed and Matt von Trott
Developers: Jeff Nusz & Paul Sanderson
Music: Joel Little
Ableton Wrangler: James Hayday
Performer: Joshua Cesan
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